Natural swimming pond

You can take a swim with us in our natural swimming pond. 

A natural swimming pond is a biotope that works to clean water. It operates as a closed system, though it is sensitive to external factors. No chemicals are used to modify the water, except for a few additives to combat algae. Algae nevertheless represent a significant consumer of nutrients, so we don’t want to get rid of them entirely. 

About half of the 150 m2 surface is earmarked for bathing, the rest makes up the cleaning zone, comprising wetland plants. In our pond there are 30 different plant species - irises, reeds, grasses, marsh marigolds, horsetails, parrot’s feathers… Dotted around on the rocks around the pond you’ll find little labels, with a description of the individual pond plants.

Living in the pond are frogs, while in the sky above you’ll see fluttering swallows, turtle doves and wagtails. From time to time wild ducks will land upon the surface.