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We are a converted farm on which you’ll find a renowned restaurant, microbrewery, accommodation and wellness facilities. We have several halls, an exhibition gallery, a multifunctional lawn and outdoor games pitch, a natural swimming pond, a beautiful garden and loads of activities to enjoy. We are the ideal location for your company event, an unforgettable wedding, a family holiday or simply a restful weekend.



22 rooms
4 apartments with kitchenettes 
Capacity of 96 beds
Top-quality hygiene mattresses
Rich buffet breakfasts



Generously proportioned space
High-quality home-cooked food
Our own Lanýž beer
Excellent teas and coffees


ico-vana.png Finnish sauna and an infrared sauna
Professional hot tub
Herbal and beer baths
Spa procedures

The story od Pearl water

Dvůr Perlová Voda – Pearl Water Court

It’s the year 1593 and Tycho Brahe is brewing some “pearl water” for his patron Rudolf II in the nearby alchemist workshop at Budyně nad Ohří. After consuming the draft, Rudolf feels healthier, younger and full of strength. The elixir of youth, long sought by alchemists, was finally found. Fearful that the secret formula might be revealed, Tycho Brahe entrusted it to his maidservant – who lived in our farmhouse – where she left it to lie forgotten through the centuries that followed…

For the first time in over 400 years the farm buildings underwent a major reconstruction and the secret recipe was found. Thanks to its rediscovery, you too can now experience space, well-being, peace, pleasant people and discover here your own elixir of life.

Unique locality
Dvůr Perlová voda is situated at the foot of the Central Bohemian Uplands in a picturesque landscape unmatched elsewhere in Central Europe. The range is a monumental manifestation of volcanic activity, and something mystic still lingers in its forms. Scattered regiments of volcanic formations, hills, tumuli and cones lie waiting for your visit, offering stunning views across the uneven landscape, dotted with ancient royal towns, ruined castles and country piles. You will find a region which has cultivated the vine and hop for centuries. There is nothing else like it in the Czech Republic. In addition, the Central Bohemian Uplands is the stage on which the oldest Czech legends are performed, so don’t lose a second - come and discover its secret wonders.

You can find our converted and renovated farm in the small village of Kostelec nad Ohří – about 4 km away from the nearby town of Budyně nad Ohří. The village’s most arresting feature is its church, consecrated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul and built by the Prague master builder Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer. Just behind our farm, along the right bank of the Malá Ohře River is the Myslivna Nature Reserve – an unbroken, preserved network of marshes and riparian woods. Running beside the farm are several cycle trails and a web of marked footpaths, which will lead you away to many beautiful spots.